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What is My CET?

My CET allows our members access to make changes/updates and check the status of account information including:

•  Change personal information.  Members can update street address, phone number and email address
•  Change payment information including updating credit numbers or expiration dates. 
•  Print your own tax receipt 
•  Check the status of your membership
•  Change or increase your sustaining level
•  Make a donation
•  Make a comment or ask a question

How do I set up my My CET account?

Please note: New member accounts can take up to 48 hours to process.

Step 1: Click the Member login link on

Step 2: Click the "Sign up for an account" link on the E-member login page.

Step 3: Fill out and submit the form. You will receive a confirmation email once your account has been approved.

How do I login to my My CET account?

Step 1: Click the "My CET Login" link on the right hand side of the Support page:

Step 2: Enter you username and password then click the login button.

What if I have a question about My CET account?

Please contact Member Services at or call 381-4033 or 1-800-808-0445.

Newman's Own Foundation

Make your gift go further! Newman’s Own Foundation will match any donation from new members and any upgraded donation from current members. 

Thank You!

CET thanks the following restaurants for their generous donation:

Dixie Chili -Newport, KY

Domino’s Pizza - Downton Cincinnati

Skyline Chili - Newport, KY

Keystone Bar & Grill - Covington, KY

CET thanks the following groups and organizations for donating their time and services:

Friends of CET

Cincinnati Insurance Companies

Friends of the POPs