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Just by stepping out our back door we can begin our journey to discovering Ohio's geology. We have a diversity of geologic features and regions in Ohio, from flat lake plains in the north to ruggedly hilly terrain in the south. As part of Ohio Rocks! CET, public television in Cincinnati, went to many parts of the state - areas that you and your class may have not have a chance to visit. We've created 30-second video tours which are designed to give you an idea of what it is like in the other geographic regions of Ohio and to help you experience some of our scenic treasures. Just click on the pictures below and take a virtual journey around the state. We are sure you will agree, Ohio Rocks!

Many of these great places are in Ohio State Parks. Visit the Ohio State Parks website to learn more about them by visiting.

Hach Otis State Preserve

Hocking Hills State
Park Rock House

Ohio Caverns

Old Woman Creek State Park

Rockbridge State Preserve

Seip Mound State Memorial Park

Ohio Geology

Sharon Woods State Park

Nelson Kennedy Ledges
State Park

North Shore Alvar

Caesar Creek Gorge

Glacial Grooves
State Memorial Park

Hocking Hills State Park Old Mans Cave

John Bryan State Park

Lake Erie

Mohican State Park

Hocking Hills State Park Ash Cave

Lake Erie

Trammel Fossil Park

Ice Age


Brandywine Falls

Ceasar Creek State Park

Clifton State Nature Preserve

Conkles Hollow State Park

Copperas Mountain

Flint Ridge State Memeorial Park

Fox Rock at Rowe Woods

Glacial Erratic

Halls Creek Woods State Park

Hanson Fossil Park

Hocking Hills State Park Cedar Falls

Core Samples

Careers in Science

Serpent Mound State Park