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Our Ohio

It's easy to see Ohio's rolling hills, historical towns and proud cities, but there's more than meets the eye when it comes to the Buckeye state.

"Our Ohio is full of interesting stories and interesting people. We've met rough and tumble bull riders, a riverboat captain with a penchant for piracy, a couple who built their house from trash, creative restaurateurs and a lot of hardworking people trying to make a living from the land they love. When you travel off the beaten path you meet plenty of characters,” notes Our Ohio Producer Richard Wonderling.

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Backyard Beekeeping

Whether you live in a rural, suburban or urban area in Ohio, practicing beekeeping is possible. It’s also a fantastic way to learn about the environment around you and get a sweet reward for a job well done: honey! Learn more about this historic and satisfying tradition in your area of Ohio by getting in touch with a local beekeeping group.

Associations All Around Ohio

Thanks to our partners at TwoHoneys Bee Company for sharing their knowledge and passion.

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It doesn't matter whether you live in an urban, suburban or rural area, Liz Tilton says backyard beekeeping can be a rewarding hobby for most people. And the knowledge of nature you gain is as sweet as the honey.

Edible Gardening

Edible gardening is a hobby in which you truly can reap the tasty rewards of what you sow. Backyard vegetable gardens can be as large or as small as your property will allow, but if planned right they can deliver fresh produce for you all season long. To learn more about going from seed to soil and back to your table, check out the links below. Happy harvesting!

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Thanks to our partners at Greenacres Farm Foundation for sharing their techniques for better soil and better produce.

The Ohio State University - Yard and Garden

Soil tillage is important for any edible garden. Whether you are growing herbs or fruits and vegetables, Dave Chal with Greenacres says creating an environment for your plants to thrive is key to future happy harvests.

Defending your vegetables against pests pressure can be a challenge, especially if you don't want to use insecticide. Dave Chal with Greenacres explains how reemay row cover could be a great solution for your leafy greens.

Putting time into planning your mix of produce and cycles of planting in your garden can give you an endless harvest of edible options. As always, prior preparation prevents poor planting.

Understanding the role compost plays and utilizing it in your edible garden are good steps to ensuring your plants' nutritional needs are met all season long.

Keeping your soil active in your edible garden via cover crops can help you maintain a nutrient-rich seed bed and decrease soil compaction. Figure out your cover crop mix to keep your garden strong, all year long.


"Farm-to-Table" or "Garden-to-Table" would have been the norm a century ago, but in our modern world, a little reminder of its benefits can help us all think more locally about our food. If it’s in-season, it’s usually cheaper too! Whether you’re growing it yourself in your own backyard (Kudos!) or you are supporting local farmers at one of the many produce markets around our state, feeding your family meals that include local seasonal fresh fare is a win-win for local producers and your taste buds. Find more resources below, including some seasonal recipes from chefs at The Midwest Culinary Institute.

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Thanks to our partners at Midwest Culinary Institute at Cincinnati State Technical and Community College for sharing their seasonal philosophies and Garden-to-Table recipes.

Farm-to-Table - Winter Recipes

Farm-to-Table - Spring Recipes

Farm-to-Table - Summer Recipes

Farm-to-Table - Fall Recipes

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