CET To Cease Analog Transmission On May 1

CINCINNATI – CET, the first licensed public television station in the nation, will cease analog service on Friday, May 1 at 12:01 a.m.


CET has filed the appropriate paperwork with the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) to cease analog transmission prior to the June 12 deadline set by Congress. In order to shut down analog transmission early, stations had to inform the FCC by March 17.


“We know this can be a confusing transition for some viewers,” said Jack Dominic, CET Vice President and Chief Operating Officer. “That is why we have a number of resources available on our website, CETconnect.org, to help consumers prepare themselves for this transition.”


Viewers can log on to CETconnect.org/digital for information on the DTV switch, including how to obtain coupons for converter boxes, frequently asked questions and diagrams and videos that demonstrate how to install converter boxes. Viewers can also access the CET’s Tech Info blog at cet-techinfo.blogspot.com, which is updated regularly with DTV news and tips.


In addition to the resources available online, viewers can call CET’s Tech Info line at 513-345-6512 for more information or send an e-mail to techinfo@cetconnect.org. CET staff will also be available to take calls and e-mails from individuals that have questions after the switch has taken place.


Viewers with television sets that receive broadcast signals over-the-air via an antenna must install a digital converter box on each set after May 1 to continue enjoying CET programs. Cable and satellite subscribers should not see an interruption in programming.


For more information on CET’s channels, visit http://www.cetconnect.org/channels.


The switch to digital television was originally set to occur on February 17, but was delayed by Congress in February. According to the FCC, one third of the nation’s full-power television stations went all-digital on February 17. All remaining full-power television stations still broadcasting in analog will make the transition to all-digital between April 16 and June 12.

CET is Greater Cincinnati's leading provider of education and enrichment in both living rooms and classrooms, reaching more than 2 million residents, 470,000 students and 37,000 teachers. Through PBS and local programming, CETconnect.org, innovative multimedia curriculum projects, parent workshops and professional development for teachers, CET positively impacts our community with rich and diverse resources. CET was the first licensed educational television station in the nation, the first high-definition public station in Ohio, and, through CETconnect.org, the first public television station to offer a community-based public media on-demand service. Visit the CETconnect website for more information about CET.