CET's One-Hour Documentary Of The Cincinnati Parks Premieres September 23

CINCINNATI – Since their inception in 1817, Cincinnati Parks have been an important asset to the Greater Cincinnati community, providing a place for relaxation, education, play and more. CET will continue its role as the premier local storyteller by debuting an all-new documentary, Cincinnati Parks: Emeralds in the Crown, on Wednesday, September 23 at 8 p.m.


The one-hour documentary, shot in high definition, will spotlight the role Cincinnati's city parks have played in shaping the fabric of the Queen City. Topics explored in the program include:

  • The legacy of Cincinnati Parks history, including the landmark the Kessler Plan.
  • The contributions of Adolph Strauch, George Kessler and numerous donors, commissioners, staff, volunteers and advocates.
  • The Parks’ commitment to horticulture and conservation of natural resources.
  • The needs, philosophies and uses that helped to shape Cincinnati Parks.
  • The wealth of architecture & public art throughout the Cincinnati Parks system.


Emeralds in the Crown will weave the threads of past, present and future together to paint an engaging portrait that will entertain, inform and inspire.


The documentary compliments Ken Burns latest public television series, The National Parks: America's Best Idea, which premieres on CET on Sunday, September 27 at 8 p.m. CET will present an encore presentation of Emeralds in the Crown at 7 p.m. that evening prior to the debut of the Ken Burns series.


Producer Kim Mlinek has acquired hundreds of hours of breathtaking footage and interviews from individuals involved with the local park system. A selection of content that is not featured in the broadcast will be available for streaming exclusively at www.cetconnect.org/cincinnati-parks, along with a preview of the September 23 broadcast.


CET has DVD copies of the program for sale. CET members can purchase the program for $25/copy; non-members: $60 for the first copy, $50 for additional copies. Please call Sylvia Richard, Director of Membership at 513-345-6582 for more information or to order.


For more information, visit the Cincinnati Parks: Emeralds in the Crown website on CETconnect.org or contact producer Kim Mlinek at kmlinek@cetconnect.org or 513-381-4033 ext 367.


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