WCET Becomes CET and Unveils New Identity

CINCINNATI, OHIO - WCET/Channel 48, the first-licensed public television station in the country, unveiled its new identity, created pro-bono by LPK (Libby Perszyk Kathman), the Cincinnati based brand identity firm.

The new identity (CET) mirrors WCET's shift to an organization focused on the education and enlightenment of the Greater Cincinnati community.

"The 'W' in WCET tied our identity to television, when our mission is much greater. Without the 'W' we literally become more than just television," noted Susan Howarth, President and CEO of CET. Howarth continues, "CET reflects our multi-pronged service approach for the Greater Cincinnati community through a variety of educational resources designed to enrich the quality of life in Cincinnati."

"Educational enlightenment transcends the broadcast medium and can be found in a broad range of information and educational forms. To communicate the breadth of CET, the new identity had to be more approachable. The combination of the lower case logotype and the burst behind the letters captures the energy and expression of enlightenment, The blue is the cooler counterpoint that visually speaks to the tradition and stability of the organization," noted Howard McIlvain, executive vice president and creative director of LPK who led the strategic transformation of the CET identity.

CET is one of the largest supporters to the education community, partnering with others to provide curriculum that supports the state standards, professional development for teachers, arts programming initiatives, training programs for caregivers and parents, as well as CET's traditional instructional media. Responding to the ever-changing needs of the Greater Cincinnati community, CET is supporting ten over-the-air, cable and digital channels, including instructional media and streamed video via the CET web site.

The new identity is highlighted on the facade of the CET headquarters at 1223 Central Parkway, and is now visible on-air and the newly redesigned web site. The new identity was unveiled to a VIP audience of nearly two hundred.