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Quiet Courage, Persistent Vision

QUIET COURAGE: with faith in God and in their mission.An image of the founders of the Sisters of Mercy and Franciscan Sisters of the Poor
PERSISTENT VISION: selflessly reaching out to those in need.

QUIET COURAGE, PERSISTENT VISION is a 90-minute documentary that celebrates the Sesquicentennial of the Sisters of Mercy and the Franciscan Sisters of the Poor and honors their indelible contributions in education, healthcare and social service to people in Greater Cincinnati. The program debuted on CET on Thursday, October 23, 2008, and was distributed to fourth-grade students in schools in the Archdiocese, and to employees of the Mercy Health Partners.

Sisters of Mercy - Mercy Montessori and High SchoolThe efforts of these two orders of Catholic nuns are seen throughout the area. Throughout their history, the Sisters of Mercy were involved in over 45 parish schools in the Archdiocese, either as teachers or leaders -- frequently both. The order founded Our Lady of Cincinnati College in 1935, which later became Edgecliff College, as well as two high schools: Mother of Mercy High School and McAuley High School in College Hill.

Franciscan Sisters of the Poor

In healthcare both orders made their mark. The Franciscan Sisters of the Poor began their ministry nearly as soon as they arrived in Cincinnati in 1858, creating a makeshift hospital in the same building as their convent. The following year they built St. Mary Hospital in the West End, which operated until 1971. As their order grew, they founded additional hospitals: St. Francis on Queen City and St. Elizabeth in Northern Kentucky.

Sisters of Mercy in a hospital roomThe hospitals founded and administered by the Sisters of Mercy began in 1892 with Mercy Hamilton Hospital (now Mercy Fairfield) and grew to include Mercy Mariemont (transferred to Mercy Anderson), Mercy Fairfield, and Mercy Clermont.

The mission of the Franciscan Sisters of the Poor included social service through two agencies they founded, St. John Social Service in Over-the-Rhine and St. Raphael's agency in Hamilton.

As the documentary program illustrates, these selfless and dedicated women assisted those in need and touched many lives.

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