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Barbara Kellar hosts SHOWCASE with Barbara Kellar, an arts and cultural series airing on CET Arts and CET beginning June 17th. The weekly series, produced by CET, will highlight cultural luminaries, Cincinnati celebrities, the most important artists, and great performances. Each week enjoy in-depth interviews with the people who make this city move. Don’t miss sitting down with the Queen City’s cultural leaders and find out what’s happening around you. The series will offer unprecedented behind-the-scenes access to art organizations in Greater Cincinnati.

CET Arts is available over-the-air on channel 48.3, on Spectrum channel 987, on Cincinnati Bell Fiberoptics channel 297 and on Insight Cable channel 192. For more information, visit CETHD is available over-the-air on channel 48.1, on Spectrum channel 1013, on Cincinnati Bell Fiberoptics channel 13 and on Insight Cable channel 916.

SHOWCASE with Barbara Kellar: School for Creative and Performing Arts

SHOWCASE with Barbara Kellar: School for Creative and Performing Arts The School for Creative and Performing Arts (SCPA) is the region’s most renowned K-12 public arts school with nearly 1,500 students in attendance. Programs include creative writing, dance, drama, math, and musical performance to name a few. The school boasts many famous and successful alumni such as Sarah Jessica Parker, Nick Lachey, and Broadway performer Alton Fitzgerald White. On this episode of Showcase, join Barbara as she sits down with SCPA’s principal Michael Owens and Artistic Director Angela Powell Walker to find out the history behind the school and what they are looking forward to in the future.

 • Saturday, May 26, at 6:30pm

CET Arts
 • Sunday, May 27, at 8:30pm 
 • Monday, May 28, at 8:30am, 1:30pm and 5:30pm
 • Tuesday, May 29, at 10:30am, 3:30pm and 10:30pm



Barbara Kellar Barbara Weeks Kellar has served Cincinnati as a volunteer for more than 44 years – dedicated to serving the arts, youth and education. She hosts public television's SHOWCASE with Barbara Kellar on CET Arts, which features interviews on behalf of the arts community.

Mrs. Kellar's involvement with CET began in 1967 when she participated in the first Action Auction. She was one of the first Auction volunteers and has been a volunteer ever since, serving as honorary chair of the 30th Anniversary Action Auction. She was instrumental in organizing the Auction Week Committee. And served on the Auction Executive Committee, as Auction Week Chairperson, as Connoisseur chairperson, and as a volunteer solicitor.

Mrs. Kellar has served in key roles with CET where she has won numerous awards including the President’s Award, a key to the City of Cincinnati, the Ohio Broadcasting Award for Development, the National Award for Excellence in Public Television Leadership and was honored at a 2010 Gala for her over 44 years of service to CET. CET's annual "Barbara Kellar Award" is presented to volunteers who are dedicated to CET's mission to educate, enrich and engage.

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