Speak Up for the Arts

Why should you speak up for the arts?

Why Speak Up for the Arts?

Because the arts play a critical role in a quality education. Research shows that arts education:

  • Fosters creativity and innovative thinking.
  • Helps students communicate a variety of messages.
  • Improves student achievement in other disciplines.
  • Advances problem-solving and cognitive skills.
  • Enhances cultural understanding.
  • Increases attendance and graduation rates.

Chances are, you already know the value of the arts. You probably already support the arts in your own way. This handy toolkit for arts advocacy provides the facts, tips and tools to take your support to a higher level.

Our students need the arts. In too many districts, arts programs become the first cuts as budgets shrink and levies fail. You can help build support for arts education -- at your school, in your community, with decision makers and legislators.

Our children need your help. How will you speak up for the arts?

How to Advocate for the Arts

It's easy to advocate for the arts! Just pick the activities you feel most comfortable doing.

  • Share your support of arts education with friends and family.
  • Get involved with your district's tax levy initiative to assure funding for the arts.
  • Send copies of arts education articles to legislative/policy makers.
  • Respond to action alerts from an advocacy network like the Ohio Alliance for Arts Education.
  • Meet with legislators, school board members and other policy makers.
  • Write letters and articles for the local newspaper about arts education.
  • Recruit others to advocate for the arts.

What do you need to get started?

It's right here -- in this handy online toolkit!

MESSAGE. Ideas for clear and direct communication about the importance of arts education.

FACTS. Statistics and studies showing how important the arts are to learning, the economy and the future.

PERSISTENCE. Advocacy is an ongoing process.

REMEMBER: Every effort helps!

Speak Up! for the Arts Toolkit

About Speak Up!

Speak Up! For the Arts is an Arts Advocacy Toolkit for parents and teachers that helps demonstrate why the arts are important in the education process and how to develop your voice for the arts. We have partnered with Ohio Citizens for the Arts and the Ohio Alliance for Arts Education to provide the most current and effective advocacy materials to help you work to keep the arts in your school.

Thanks to our generous funders! The Speak Up! For the Arts project was made possible by grants from:

The Wohlgemuth Herschede Foundation
The Ladislas and Vilma Segoe Family Foundation
The Fine Arts Fund
BJ Connective Concepts