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CET Volunteers

Volunteers are an integral part of CET. Whether they assist on the air or behind the scenes, there is something for everyone. In addition to traditional phone volunteers for the on-air membership drives, CET is looking for volunteers interested in helping to plan, coordinate and execute events for adults or children, office support, tour guides and more. You can volunteer by yourself or with a group of your buddies. You can help out during one of our on-air fundraisers, our special events or during the daytime in our offices.

Here are the current volunteer opportunites available at CET: 

Membership Drive

Phone Operators:

Volunteers answer phones and record information including the caller's name, address and payment information during breaks in programming.

Food Donations:

Volunteer makes phone calls to area restaurants to solicit food donations for volunteers to eat during their time in the studio.

Action Auction

If you are interested in working on the Action Auction there are a variety of opportunities available. Volunteers are needed to solicit auction items, pick up donations and assist with various office related tasks. For additional information please call 345-6549.

Daytime Volunteers Needed Anytime

If you’re available during the day, consider helping us. Daytime volunteers help with mailings, data entry, phone calls and other projects. You can volunteer once a week or once a month, whatever suits your schedule and interests.

Are you interested in becoming a CET Volunteer? Sign up now!

Newman's Own Foundation

Make your gift go further! Newman’s Own Foundation will match any donation from new members and any upgraded donation from current members. 

Thank You!

CET thanks the following restaurants for their generous donation:

Dixie Chili -Newport, KY

Domino’s Pizza - Downton Cincinnati

Skyline Chili - Newport, KY

Keystone Bar & Grill - Covington, KY

CET thanks the following groups and organizations for donating their time and services:

Friends of CET

Cincinnati Insurance Companies

Friends of the POPs