Earth Science

Habitable Planet, The

This course begins with an overview of the Earth’s systems - geophysical, atmospheric, oceanic, and ecosystems - as they exist independently of human influence. Following this introduction, the course explores the effect that human activities have on the different natural systems. Topics include human population growth and resource use, increasing competition for fresh water, and climate change. Each of the 13 programs features two case studies following top scientists in the field.

Dragons, Wagons, And Wax

Dragons, Wagons & Wax, introducing life science, physics, earth science, and some shades on health and measurement. This science series for instructional television went through an extensive development in content and research, ensuring the accuracy of the 32 episodes.

Test the Waters

Test the Waters is a CET Learning Services project designed to provide teachers and community members with information about water quality. Cincinnati like many other older American cities is facing challenges posed by an aging infrastructure. Decaying systems threaten our public water supply. Water treatment systems are also facing new challenges from our 21st century life style. Test the Waters will make citizens aware of these serious problems and increase understanding of the various ways they are being addressed by our public utilities and government.

Ohio Rocks!

Take your students on a geological tour of Ohio. Learn how Ohio's geology and geography have been shaped by wind, weather and water over the centuries and how they still affect us today.

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