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Test the Waters is a CET Learning Services project designed to provide teachers and community members with information about water quality. Cincinnati like many other older American cities is facing challenges posed by an aging infrastructure. Decaying systems threaten our public water supply. Water treatment systems are also facing new challenges from our 21st century life style. Test the Waters will make citizens aware of these serious problems and increase understanding of the various ways they are being addressed by our public utilities and government. Every citizen needs to make informed choices in order to become good stewards of our water supply.

Test The Waters is the latest in a line of high-quality, award-winning and standards based academic resources from CET.

The Test the Waters kit includes:
A series of 3 twenty-minute videos on DVD featuring local water quality experts and a look inside water treatment utilities
A Teacher Guide with 3 eleventh-grade environmental science lessons and one economics lesson
A Resource CD with many maps, diagrams, and documents from a wealth of agencies charged with protecting water quality
A website with streaming video, links and downloads
Hach 5-in-1 Water Quality Test Strips
Test the Waters is provided free to low-wealth districts as defined by the state of Ohio. Click here to find out of your district is on that list.

For schools that are not on Ohio's current Low Wealth 2008 List, Test the Waters kits are $25 each. To order a Test the Waters kit, call 513-345-6566, email edtech@cetconnect.org, or you can fax your order to 513-381-7520.

CETCET is Greater Cincinnati’s leading provider of education and enrichment in both living rooms andclassrooms, reaching more than 2 million residents, 470,000students and 37,000 teachers.  Through PBS and local programming, CETconnect.org, innovative multimedia curriculum projects, parent workshops and professional development for teachers, CET positively impacts our community with rich and diverse resources.  CET was the first licensed educational television station in the nation, the first high-definition public station in Ohio, and, through CETconnect.org, the first and only public television station to offer a community-based public media on-demand service.  For more information about CET, visit www.CETconnect.org.


Economics Center for Education & ResearchEconomics Center for Education & Research was founded in 1977 as a non-profit organization dedicated to being the leading source of economics information and resources for teachers, students, and businesses in the Greater Cincinnati area. For 30 years, the Economics Center has trained teachers, developed classroom materials, and revolutionized economics learning for students from kindergarten through high school. Annually, the Economics Center trains 800-1000 teachers who improve their working knowledge of the economy, entrepreneurship, and business practices. These educators pass this knowledge onto approximately 25,000 students in the Greater Cincinnati area. Students and teachers we impact come from diverse backgrounds, and urban, suburban, and rural areas. The Economics Center also supports business and community organizations through our client-based research studies.
Greenacres Foundation

Metropolitan Sewer DistrictThe mission of the Metropolitan Sewer District of Greater Cincinnati is to manage the effective collection and treatment of more than 200 million gallons of wastewater and actively maintain 3,000 miles of sanitary and combined sewers that run through the 49 municipalities and townships of Hamilton County.  MSD is owned by Hamilton County and operated by the City of Cincinnati.  MSD is committed to continually maintaining and improving its wastewater collection and treatment systems for the betterment of both public and environmental health. In 1968, MSD was formed through an agreement between Hamilton County and the City of Cincinnati. 

eTech Ohio

Additional funding provided by: The Robert Gould Foundation and the Metropolitan Sewer District of Greater Cincinnati

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Project Assistant: Ginifer Swofford

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Ann Lyon, Greenacres Foundation
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Doug Haskell, Economics Center for Education and Research

CET wishes to thank Kim Thompson and Dr. Virginia Rhodes of Aiken University High School for additional project assistance.

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