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TEST THE WATERS is a standards based multi-media project designed to help eleventh grade students and community members understand the processes involved in providing safe and clean water for drinking and recreation. Test the Waters video takes an inside look at water treatment facilities as local water quality experts discuss the issues that threaten this precious resource. Through the video and the accompanying resources, students will learn how our community is working to address the problems caused by aging water infrastructure and what actions citizens can take to be good stewards of our water supply. Test the Waters is based on the Academic Content Standards in Science and Social Studies.

TEST THE WATERS was developed in partnership with the Greenacres Foundation, The Economics Center for Education and Research at the University of Cincinnati, and the Metropolitan Sewer District of Greater Cincinnati.

The entire Test the Waters project is available on this website through internet video as well as downloads and links. Physical copies of the kit containing DVD, CD, and a print Teacher Guide are distributed at no cost to districts designated as low-wealth by the Ohio Department of Education. To see if your district is eligible for a free kit, check the Low-Wealth list located in the About section. The kit is available for $25 to any other interested teacher or school.

TEST THE WATERS is funded by eTech Ohio with additional funding by the Robert Gould Foundation and the Metropolitan Sewer District. Project support provided by Hach. Project partners are Greenacres Foundation, the Economic Center for Research and Education and the Metropolitan Sewer District.


For information, call 513-345-6559 or email edtech@cetconnect.org

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