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The Test The Waters Project is divided into three sections: Infrastructure, Issues, and Action. Listed below are the lessons which accompany each section, as well as online streaming video. Each seperate lesson of the Teacher Guide is available for download in .PDF form. The entire Teacher Guide, including all four lessons, is available for download here. Additional links and videos for each section are available in Additional Resources.


Lesson 1: ''Where Does Our Drinking Water Come From?''
  • Download the Lesson 1 Teacher Guide here.

    Cincinnati's water infrastructure is 100 years old. Some of the pipes are cracked, leaking, or insufficient to carry the load we place on them today. Local experts explain how the system works and the measures our water utilities take to provide us with a safe water supply.


    Lesson 2: ''Lessons in Lead and Other Contaminants''
  • Download the Lesson 2 Teacher Guide here.

  • Lesson 3: ''One in a Million''
  • Download the Lesson 3 Teacher Guide here.

    The Cincinnati area has faced some big challenges in improving water quality. Citizen action, creative thinking and hard work from our utilities and governmental intervention have begun to turn things around. Local water quality experts tell us the state of things now and the plans to continue to clean up our rivers and streams.


    Lesson 4: ''Public Choices''
  • Download the Lesson 4 Teacher Guide here.

    The government and our utilities are vitally important, but every citizen plays a part in maintaining the livability of our planet. Many initiatives are underway to involve students and adults in our community in clean water stewardship. Learn what you can do today and in the future to keep our water supply clean and healthy.