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Viewfinder - John Gunselman, Cinematographer

Award-winning cinematographer John Gunselman talks about his life and career in film-making with Zo Wesson.

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Barbara Kellar talks with Lee Roy Reams, Television, Film and Broadway Star.


Barbara Kellar interviews Blanche Maier, a moving force in the Cincinnati arts community.


Barbara Kellar interviews Yvonne Robertson and Theresa Henderson, women who have a long history of public service in the Cincinnati arts community.


Steven talks about his job as President of the Cincinnati Symphony Orchestra, the CSO's trip to China and the great Paavo Jarvi.


Barbara Kellar talks with Pam Myers, native Cincinnatian and Broadway star.


Barbara Kellar interviews Lois Rosenthal, a generous benefactor to the arts of Cincinnati.


Barbara talks to Jackie Demaline, Staff Reporter for the Cincinnati Enquirer.


Barbara Kellar interviews Stacey Woolley, violinist for the Cincinnati Symphony Orchestra.


Barbara Kellar interviews Victoria Morgan, Artistic Director for the Cincinnati Ballet

Tamara Harkavy

Founding Director of Cincinnati Artworks, Tamara Harkavy shares moments from her life and career.