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Viewfinder - John Gunselman, Cinematographer

Award-winning cinematographer John Gunselman talks about his life and career in film-making with Zo Wesson.

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D Lynn Meyers

Artistic Director for the Ensemble Theater of Cincinnati, D Lynn Meyers shares stories from her life and career.

David Day

Artist David Day, shares stories about his life and career, living in Cincinnati.

Karen Heyl

Artist and Sculptor, Karen Heyl shares stories from her life and career.

Devonte Roach

Americorp volunteer, and aspiring musician, Devonte Roach shares his stories from his life growing up in Cincinnati.

Pat Ganz

Theater director and educator at Hamilton City Schools, Pat Ganz, shares stories from her career.

Zo Wesson

An accomplished film/television director and producer, Zo Wesson discusses his life and career in the media industry.

Phyllis Weston

Phyllis Weston, one of the prominent figures in the Cincinnati Art Community details various events in her life.