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Showcase with Barbara Kellar #304: From the Village to Vogue: The Modernist Jewelry of Art Smith Exhibit at Cincinnati Art Museum

Cynthia Amneus (Curator of Fashion Arts and Textiles) discusses the Cincinnati Art Museum’s newest exhibit: From the Village to Vogue: The Modernist Jewelry of Art Smith.

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Students from Greater Cincinnati work with May Festival Youth Chorus Director, James Bagwell on Bach.


What makes Jerry Kathman tick? The President and Chief Executive Officer of LPK describes books that have influenced his life and his career.


''Viewfinder'' host Zo Wesson talks with the producer, director, DP and lead actor of a short film that Zo calls ''one of the best shorts I've ever seen on this show''.


Barbara Kellar talks with David Fogarty about CET's new Arts Channel.


Barbara Kellar talks with Darrell Grand Moultrie and Shelley Washington about Cincinnati Ballet's ''The Sammy Project!'' which consists of two contrasting works by major modern choreographers.


Zo Wesson talks with the medical and artistic professionals behind the unique partnership of ''Cardiac Dance – The Spirals of Life''.


Meet the Cincinnati Symphony Youth Orchestra's Concerto Competition Winner, Turpin High School Senior Ben Stoehr.


Cincinnati Symphony Orchestra's Concerto Competition winner Ben Stoehr performs Bach's Prelude from the Second Cello Suite.

Beverly Erschell

Barbara Kellar talks with Beverly Erschell, a well-recognized and exceptionally talented painter.

Adam Hougland on CET Express

Barbara Kellar talks with Adam Hougland, the Resident Choreographer for the Cincinnati Ballet