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Showcase with Barbara Kellar #315: Cincinnati Playhouse in the Park 2014-2015 Season

Artistic Director Blake Robison discusses the Cincinnati Playhouse in the Park’s upcoming 2014-2015 Season.

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On this Viewfinder, Zo Wesson talks with the three winning teams from this year’s College Movie Festival, and some of the festival’s founders


The story of Jason Young, who overcame obstacles with determination.


Barbara Kellar talks with The Alice & Harris Weston Director and Chief Curator, Raphaela Platow, about the 2011-2012 season at the Contemporary Arts Center.


Barbara Kellar talks with Kathy Wade about some of the events that her organization, Learning Through Art, will present for summer 2011.


On this episode of Focus, Nick Vehr, Lori Lobsiger, and Steve Milloy talk about the 2012 World Choir Games that will be held in Cincinnati, Ohio (USA) from July 4 through 14, 2012.


Barbara Kellar talks with Regina Russo about the new exhibits at the Cincinnati Art Museum.


Barbara Kellar talks with Elizabeth Pierce about the ''Statue of a Queen'' section in their new Cleopatra exhibit.


Barbara Kellar talks with Elizabeth Pierce about the Cincinnati Museum Center's Naos of the Decades exhibit.

Aaron Betsky on CET Express

Barbara Kellar talks with Aaron Betsky, Director of the Cincinnati Art Museum, about several of their exhibits in 2011.


Barbara Kellar talks with Elizabeth Pierce about the pieces in their new Cleopatra exhibit.