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Focus - American Graduate: Community Learning Centers

Kathy Lehr learns more about one local approach that has school systems from around the nation looking to Cincinnati as a model for improving student achievement and success beyond high school.

Community Video Library


Meet History and Genealogy Manager Patricia Van Skaik as she introduces you to the materials and resources available in this department.

Joyce Hutchinson on the Safe Haven Animal Sanctuary

Barbara Kellar talks with Joyce Hutchinson who is the founder of The Peppermint Pig Thrift and Gift store.


The Lloyd Library brings science, art and history to life.

Bob Folan on CET Express

Barbara Kellar talks with Bob Folan about the "Winners Walk Tall" Mentoring Program.

Cincinnati Parks Recollections: Neighbors

Donna Welsch and Mary Pat Mullaney talk about their decisions to relocate near neighborhood parks.

Cincinnati Parks Recreation - Experience

Cincinnati residents discuss the experiences and opportunities available within the Cincinnati Parks system.

Cincinnati Parks Recollections: Rapid Run

Gregory Lipps and Mona Caminiti discuss their special experiences and Rapid Run Park.

Dolores Lindsay of The HealthCare Connection

Barbara Kellar talks with Dolores Lindsay about The HealthCare Connection's benefit concert that supports their Diabetes Initiative 2009.


See the Outreach Services that bring the Library to you.


Beth Sullebarger details the historical nature of architecture in the Cincinnati Parks.