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Paddlefest 2014

Kathy Lehr talks with Brewster Rhoades, Chairman, and Teresa Lubic Director of Paddlefest about this year’s event.

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Two-sport athlete Adolphus Washington is one of the most decorated athletes in Cincinnati high school sports' history, and he was also a finalist for the LaRosa's MVP of the Year award last year as a junior. A football All-American, Adolphus' many honors included being named Ohio Div. III Defensive Player of the Year, Southwest Ohio Div. III Defensive Player of the Year and Cincinnati Div. III Player of the Year. He also played in the U.S. Army All-American Bowl in San Antonio.


Barbara Kellar talks with Steven Ellis, an Assistant Professor of Classics at the University of Cincinnati.


Michael Carter, Interim Senior Vice President, Sinclair Community College, talks about the community partnerships at Sinclair Community College.


Kathy Lehr talks with three experts to learn how a person can become a foster parent and what agencies like these are doing to keep children safe in their homes.


How does the tension and violent altercations among members of the Jewish and Muslim faiths in the Middle East affect the perspectives and actions of members of the Muslim and Jewish communities here in Greater Cincinnati?


Barbara Kellar talks with Maureen Kennedy about the festivities that she has planned for St. Patrick’s Day (March 17, 2012) at the Irish Heritage Center of Greater Cincinnati.

Reducing School Dropout Rates through Mentoring Programs

Kathy Lehr talks with Simone Bess and Khalilah Slater Harrington about how mentoring a student can enrich the lives of the student, as well as, help to reduce school dropout rates.

SOCHE - Life in Balance

Doug Young, Athletic Director at Urbana University, talks about the university's approach to creating a student culture of balance.

Grow Food, Grow Hope

Chris Burns-DiBiasio, Director of Community Relations at Wilmington College, talks about the community garden initiative "Grow Food, Grow Hope".


Kathy Lehr talks with Alfonso Cornejo and Maria Molina about the 2010 Census data for Hispanics and why this information is important.