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Chinese Music Society

Kathy Lehr talks with Amy Woo, Chairperson of the Greater Cincinnati Chinese Music Society and Xi Wang Music Director of the Sound of Joy Choir about Chinese culture in the greater Cincinnati region.

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Joe remembers his experiences and others in throwing "the wet one," the breaking of the color barrier and the struggles of Jackie Robinson.


Joe talks about his early days in the minors and what's needed to be a contributing member of a team.


Joe talks with Denny Janson about the Big Red Maching and the players who made it run.


Barbara Kellar talks with Mike Carroll, President of the University of Cincinnati Foundation.


Popular Library Manager David Siders takes you on a guided tour of this newly created space and features the many kinds of materials to be found there.

Al Spector on CET Express

Barbara Kellar talks with Al Spector about his new book, Baseball: Never Too Old To Play The Game.


Barbara Kellar talks with Lilias Folan, the "First Lady of Yoga."


Barbara Kellar talks with Patty Misrach about the Art in Bloom, the Cincinnati Art Museum's fundraising event.


Barbara Kellar talks with Dianne Dunkelman, Joe Rigotti & Jean-Robert de Cavel about the 2007 French Master Chefs Gourmet Gala: An Evening in Paris.


Barbara Kellar talks with Mary Ellyn Hutton, Music Writer for the Cincinnati Post.