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Cincinnati Center for Autism

Kathy Lehr talks with Matt Brennan, Founder of the Cincinnati Center for Autism, about the history of the Cincinnati Center of Autism, as well as a few programs offered.

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Nick Clooney and interviewer John Kiesewetter talk indepth about Nick's career.


In this final segment of the series ''Clooney on Clooney'', Nick and John discuss Nick's work after his long tenure in television news.


CET President and CEO David Fogarty talks about CET Arts -- bringing the world stage to Greater Cincinnati and showcases the arts in our community.


Over-the-Rhine is an area that inspires much debate, and it's a source of inspiration for two programs currently in production.

College Film Festival 2009

The challenge: you have 5 days to write, cast, and scout locations and 5 days to shoot and do all of your post-production work.

Michael Katchman

Michael Katchman talks with Zo Wesson about his work as a film distributor with Orion, Lionsgate, and now as President of Cincinnati-based Rivercoast Films.


JC Schroder, director, producer, writer, and founder of the Oxford International Film Festival and actress Meredith Meeks are Zo Wesson's guests.


Director Joe Wright, Jamie Foxx and Robert Downey, Jr., comment on the film The Soloist.


Zo Wesson talks with Marcelina Robledo and filmmaker Christian Appleby.

Melissa Godoy

Barbara Kellar talks with local independent film maker Melissa Godoy.