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Hospice Care in Cincinnati

Sandra Lober and Barb Rose talk about programs offered at Hospice Care in Cincinnati.

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One of the best ways to keep your family healthy is to help them eat a rainbow every day.


Lauren Niemes offers a fun suggestion to encourage kids to eat healthy foods.


Lauren Niemes shows how to make ''happy snack packs'' with your children, using fruits and vegetables.

Second Opinion: H1N1 Special Edition

Clear information on H1N1 symptoms, treatment, vaccines, public health policy and available resources.


Dr. Tracey Skale, the Chief Medical Officer of Greater Cincinnati Behavioral Health Services, discusses her organizations' work and her participation in the program ''Minds on the Edge: Facing Mental Illness.''

Preparing for Pandemic Flu in Schools

A pandemic flu outbreak could happen in Cincinnati. Is your classroom ready?


Learn how COA helps seniors, their families and caregivers and where to find information on help for older adults in our community.


Peggy Shannon interviews Martha Creek and Kathy Stewart about their involvement in facilitating ''The Work'' of Byron Katie.


Nancy Zwick, registered dietician with the American Dairy Association, shows how you can create an easy, delicious dessert for the holidays that is also nutritious.


Barbara Kellar talks with Brian Rich and Nate Byrum about a Moral Recognition Therapy program that is changing peoples lives in the Greater Cincinnati Area.