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The Fashion Styles of Downton Abbey

Cynthia Amnéus, Curator of Fashion Arts & Textiles at the Cincinnati Art Museum, joins Barbara Kellar to discuss the historical accuracy of the period fashions in Downton Abbey.

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World War II broke out just as the Lindner family was beginning its business in Norwood.


William Cosgrove shares his World War II experiences as a POW.


Thomas Linneman spent 208 days in a German POW camp during the last months of the war in Europe. He shares his experiences and discusses how his mother Marie, had to cope with her three sons serving in the war at the same time.


Carl Tuggle served in the Navy during WW2. Mr. Tuggle chose to join the Navy because they were less segregated than other branches of the service.


Ellen McClure, the daughter of industrialists Lewis Crosley and niece of Powel Crosley, talks about the Crosley family's role in World War II.


World War 2 Navy Carrier Pilot, Ken Glass served aboard the carrier The Hornet.


A View of White Water: Virtual White Water Shaker Village is a prototype program which presents a small part of a Shaker village established in the 19th Century along the White Water River in Ohio.


This first person account from Iwo Jima was shot with a gun camera that was mounted onto the wing of an aircraft. Some of the footage is aerial, but Bob Price, an ordinance officer with the USAF, borrowed the camera and also filmed activities on the island during World War II.

World War 2 veteran Norman Purdy

World War 2 Vet Norman Purdy tells about his experience as a pilot patrolling the east coast of the US and on bombing missions in Europe.


World War 2 veterean Bob Brose tells about his experience on a destroyer in the Pacific. Mr. Brose is interviewed by Bill Myers.