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YWCA of Cincinnati

The history and present day initiatives involving the YWCA of Greater Cincinnati.

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Cincinnati Arts & Technology Center

Kathy Lehr talks with Clara Martin about the Cincinnati Arts and Technology Center and how it can help students in Cincinnati.


Jeff Vollmer from Hyde Park Wealth Management looks at the stock market and what has to happen to keep it rising in this week's Economic Beat.

Steve Heck

Kathy Lehr talks with Stephen Heck, an 8th grade Earth Science teacher at Milford Jr. High School in Cincinnati, who was selected to be one of the first seven teachers to fly into space.

United Way of Greater Cincinnati

Kathy Lehr talks with three staff members about the numerous ways that the United Way of Greater Cincinnati serves our community.

After Obama

With the election in 2005 of Mark Mallory as the first popularly-elected African-American Mayor of Cincinnati and the election of Barack Obama as President, has
there been a shift in Cincinnati's political and social mindset regarding race?

Alcoholism Council of Cincinnati & The Recovery Health Access Center

Kathy Lehr talks with three experts from the Alcoholism Council of the Cincinnati Area about how alcohol and drug addiction can be prevented and treated here in Greater Cincinnati.

Foreclosure Frauds

Kathy Lehr talks with two experts who explain where homeowners can find legitimate help and what they can do to avoid being the victim of fraudulent mortgage foreclosure specialists and scams.

The Mediation Option

For those home owners who are facing the possibility of foreclosure, help is literally just around the corner.

Ohio's Alternative Energy Initiatives

Kathy Lehr talks with three alternative energy experts, Larry Feist, David L. Hart, and Ralph Velasquez, about how they are helping to prepare Ohio for generating energy that is safer, cleaner, healthier and more cost effective.

Gregory LaLonde, CEO of Triplefin

Doug Bolton talks with Gregory LaLonde, CEO of Triplefin.