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Cincinnati Center for Autism

Kathy Lehr talks with Matt Brennan, Founder of the Cincinnati Center for Autism, about the history of the Cincinnati Center of Autism, as well as a few programs offered.

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Bookshelf - Make a Difference

Discover great stories and books about people who made a difference


The Urban Timber program supports urban forestry and education.


Kathy Lehr talks with Officer Tom Wagner, a Crime Prevention Specialist for the Montgomery Police Department and co-author of ''Caught in The Web: Don't Let It Happen To You!'' This internet and cyber crime program is geared towards teens, parents and teachers and serves to educate them to dangerous online behaviors and how to avoid putting themselves at risk of victimization.


Curious George stories are available in many different ways!


Author Louise Borden shares ideas for bringing Curious George in your classroom.

Sid the Science Kid - Getting a Flu Shot

With the help of his grandmother, Sid the Science Kid shows us the science behind vaccinations.


Vivian Wagner, education services manager for the Cincinnati Parks, describes the history of the Cincinnati Parks Nature Education Programs and how they work today.

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These books will take you to the great outdoors and show you how to have a good time while you're there.


Max shares the story of his depression and attempted suicide.

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