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Exercise | A Parent's Guide with Mr. Arturo Trejo

Sit up, push up or give up! Keep your kids in tip top shape with these excellent exercise tips from Mr. Arturo Trejo.

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Breathe Easy

Courtney Flege performs ''Breathe Easy,'' her winning song in the Anti-Idling Song contest.

YMCA's Summer Camps

More than 10,000 children every year spend their summer with the YMCA through day and overnight camps at more than 16 locations.


Nancy Zwick, registered dietician with the American Dairy Council, prepares quesadillas with ranch dressing, a recipe that sneaks in some healthier, alternative ingredients.


Catherine Strunk, a psychiatric nurse for Cincinnati Children's Hospital Medical Center and the director of the


Executive Director for 4C for Children Sallie Westheimer explains what tools are available for parents to determine whether or not their child care option is a quality one.


Catherine Strunk a psychiatric nurse for Cincinnati Children's Hospital Medical Center and the director of the Surviving The Teens Program interviews a teenager named Luke Beichel. Luke talks about how his struggle with depression began in the 8th grade and reached its peak in 9th grade when he attempted suicide. He also talks about his treatment and how he is rebuilding his life.


CET Kids & Families raises awareness for mental health issues and suicide with the story of Joe Stima, a young man who did not survive his depression. His mother Kathy Winter explains how parents can find the words to talk to their children about this issue and obtain resources through the Surviving the Teens Program at Cincinnati Children's Hospital Medical Center. Ms.


Geologists, Paleontologists, and Archaeologists describe how they became interested in science, what they do, and why they like their jobs.


Author Zakia Hyder talks about her book, I Am An American, Too, and how children can work through their difficult feelings about September 11.


Need an easy but creepy Halloween treat for your little monsters? Make these freakishly fun Frankenpops!