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Showcase with Barbara Kellar: The Irish Heritage Center of Greater Cincinnati / The Irish American Theater Company

Barbara Kellar talks with Maureen Kennedy about the center’s upcoming performances and the events they have planned for Saint Patrick’s Day on Sunday, March 17.

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Barbara Kellar talks to Mitchel Livingston and Jim Schwab about NCCJ's 56th Annual Awards Dinner.


Barbara Kellar talks with Senator Richard Finan about his career and his current project at the state capital.

Alice Sparks on CET Express

Barbara Kellar interviews Northern Kentucky philanthropist, Alice Sparks.


Barbara Kellar talks with Phoebe Dunkelman Pardo about her visit to the 50th anniversary celebration of the Montgomery Alabama Bus Boycott.


Barbara Kellar interviews Dr. Kaplan, who talks about the contributions he and his wife, Mickey, have made to various arts organizations in Cincinnati.


Barbara Kellar talks with former Cincinnati Vice Mayor Jim Tarbell.


Barbara talks to Tom Huenefeld, an expert on Cincinnati history.


Barbara Kellar interviews Otto M. Budig, who is one of Cincinnati's most prominent philanthropists and businessmen.


Barbara Kellar interviews Dianne Dunkelman, a longtime volunteer to many of Cincinnati's arts and civic organizations.

Peter Strange

Messer Construction Chairman, Peter Strange shares stories about his life and career.