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Showcase with Barbara Kellar: The Irish Heritage Center of Greater Cincinnati / The Irish American Theater Company

Barbara Kellar talks with Maureen Kennedy about the center’s upcoming performances and the events they have planned for Saint Patrick’s Day on Sunday, March 17.

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Great Living Cincinnatian Joe Hayden

Joseph P. Hayden Jr., chairman and CEO of The Midland Company, started his career there when he was 14.


Ray Brokamp's life exemplifies public service. Much of his career has been spent in education and he retired after 34 years with the Cincinnati Public Schools.


Barbara Kellar talks to Thane Maynard about his new position as Executive Director of the Cincinnati Zoo.


Barbara Kellar talks with Cincinnati city councilwoman, Leslie Ghiz.


Joe talks about his early days in the minors and what's needed to be a contributing member of a team.


Joe talks with Denny Janson about the Big Red Maching and the players who made it run.


Joe discusses his days growing up in Hamilton, OH and the strong influence of his father and family


Joe remembers his experiences and others in throwing "the wet one," the breaking of the color barrier and the struggles of Jackie Robinson.


Barbara Kellar talks with Mike Carroll, President of the University of Cincinnati Foundation.


Barbara Kellar talks with Lilias Folan, the "First Lady of Yoga."