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Showcase with Barbara Kellar: The Irish Heritage Center of Greater Cincinnati / The Irish American Theater Company

Barbara Kellar talks with Maureen Kennedy about the center’s upcoming performances and the events they have planned for Saint Patrick’s Day on Sunday, March 17.

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Barbara Kellar talks with Norma Petersen about the non-profit organization, the Society for the Preservation of Music Hall.


Barbara Kellar talks with Kathy List, President and CEO of the Big Brothers/Big Sisters Organization of Greater Cincinnati, & Antonio, a participant in the Cincinnati Chapter.


Barbara Kellar talks with Kevin Canafax about his career at Fidelity Investments and the company's goal of philanthropy in the community.

Jack Rouse

Barbara Kellar talks with Jack Rouse, President of Jack Rouse Associates, about the Banks project and his career.


Barbara Kellar talks with one of our most accomplished Cincinnatians, Bill Keating, about his exciting career, his life experiences and his family.


Barbara Kellar talks with Dr. Mitchel Livingston and Mike McCuen about NCCJ and their annual fundraiser, Walk as One and Freedom Run.


Barbara Kellar talks with Robert and Cynthia Muhlhauser about the organization Youth Opportunities United, an organization that was founded in 1990 by a group of community members concerned about the future of youth in our area.


Barbara Kellar talks with Kathryn Merchant about the Greater Cincinnati Foundation, the Tristate region's community foundation.


Barbara Kellar talks with Buck Niehoff and Albert Pyle about the Mercantile Library in Cincinnati, a non-profit institution supported by members' annual subscriptions, gifts, and income from an endowment fund.


Barbara Kellar talks with Mary McCullough Hudson about her career, how is began and where it is going.