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Algae is the Answer!

Sukh Sidhu talks about the power of algae.

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Lloyd Library:  Medicinal Plants

Maggie Heran, Director of the Lloyd Library, shares plans for creating the Lloyd Medicinal Garden at the Ohio Governor's Residence and Heritage Garden with Dean Regas.

Little Miami - Wild River Ecology

Home to over 84 species of fish and 100's of other species the Little Miami is a local treasure protected by several agencies.

The Little Miami

The Little Miami River offers many opportunites to appreciate the beauty of nature as well as to enjoy activities such a paddling and fishing.

Cincinnati Zoo Visitors Village

Visit Historic Vine Street Village, the new LEED Platinum certified entrance to the Cincinnati Zoo and Botanical Garden.


The government and our utilities are vitally important, but every citizen plays a part in maintaining the livability of our planet. Many initiatives are underway to involve students and adults in our community in clean water stewardship. Learn what you can do today and in the future to keep our water supply clean and healthy.


The Cincinnati area has faced some big challenges in improving  water quality. Citizen action, creative thinking and hard work from our utilities and governmental intervention have begun to turn things around. Local water quality experts tell us the statte of things now and the plans to continue to clean up our rivers and streams.


Cincinnati's water infrastructure is 100 years old. Some of the pipes are cracked, leaking, or insufficient to carry the load we place on them today. Local experts explain how the system works and the measures our water utilities take to provide us with a safe water supply.


Hisey Park located in Corwin in Warren County features an ongoing and extensive wetland restoration project.


Gigantic mammals once roamed the freezing evergreen landscape of Ohio. How do we know? We have found their bones which have lain in Ohio's soil for thousands of years. What are those little strange looking shell-like rocks I find in the creek? They are the fossilized remains of animals that lived in the warm shallow sea that covered Ohio millions of years ago? What can we learn about the our state from the remains of the animals that once lived here? Join us on Ohio Rocks! Fossils and find out.


What was Ohio like during the Ice Age? Who or what lived here? What did the glaciers leave behind? How do glaciers move? Did a glacier cover my backyard? Learn the answers to these questions and more on Ohio Rocks! Ice Age.