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The Fashion Styles of Downton Abbey

Cynthia Amnéus, Curator of Fashion Arts & Textiles at the Cincinnati Art Museum, joins Barbara Kellar to discuss the historical accuracy of the period fashions in Downton Abbey.

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World War II veteran Jean Springer describes her service in the Women Air Force Service Pilots (WASP).


Delmer Combs and Roy Clemons fought together in the 83rd Infantry Division in WWII. They are reunited in this interview for the first time in sixty-three years.


Larry & Lenna Mae Gara are the co-editors of A Few Small Candles: War Resisters of WWII Tell Their Stories.


WW2 veteran Ted Gardner talks with Pat Crowley, reporter for the Cincinnati Enquirer and ICN6 Cable, about the Tri-State Warbird Museum.


Bill Victor, a veteran of the infantry in World War II, talks about his experiences. Mr. Victor participated in the Battle of the Bulge and liberated the Dachau Concentration Camp.


Born in the United States, Roy Aka was living in Hawaii when the Japanese bombed Pearl Harbor during WWII. As a Japanese American, Mr. Aka was considered an "enemy alien" by the U.S. government directly after the attack even though he had been a citizen since birth.


Bobbie Sterne, former Cincinnati mayor and city councilwoman, tells about her experiences as a nurse in WWII.


Tom Griffin flew a B-25 bomber in the April 1942 Army air attack on Japan best known as the Doolittle Raid. He was later a POW in a German camp.


Rusty McClure, grandson of Louis Crosley and author of bestselling book ''Crosley'', tells the story of the Crosley Corporation's contributions to war effort in World War II.


World War II Veteran Milton J. Schloss relates his experiences serving as an intelligence officer in the Army Air Corps in the European theater.