BRIDGES for a Just Community 2010 Honoree Alice Sparks

Alice Sparks has been dedicated to her mission of improving the quality of education in Kentucky for many years and on many different levels. Her work began as a volunteer for local Parent Teacher Association (PTA) and went on to become involved with the state and national PTA. She has worked long and hard for education reform, including serving as the legislative chairperson of the Kentucky PTA. She also helped create significant changes in academic policies and organizations of higher education in the Commonwealth while serving on the Northern Kentucky University Board of Regents -- and was the first female to be appointment to that board -- and the boards of the University of Kentucky and Thomas More College. Alice has also served as a volunteer for CET, working for many years on the Action Auction, served as chair for that event, and she served on CET's board of trustees. She has also served as Chair of the Board of Directors for the Continuing Care Retirement Community.

5 minutes
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