FOCUS: “Finding Foster Parents in Greater Cincinnati”

May is National Foster Care Awareness Month.


Currently, nearly 40 % of Hamilton County foster children are sent outside the county and sometimes out of state, because there are not enough local foster parents.


Lighthouse Youth Services and Children's Protective Services of Clermont County are very concerned about the dire need for foster parents in our community. These agencies are stepping up to help fill the community's urgent need to recruit, train and serve foster families.


On this episode, Kathy Lehr talks with three experts to learn how a person can become a foster parent and what agencies like these are doing to keep children safe in their homes.



For additional information about

Lighthouse Youth Services:



Phone: 513.221-3350

Toll Free: 1.800.474.4138

Lighthouse Youth Crisis Line: 513.961.4080


For additional information about the

Children's Protective Services of Clermont County:



Phone: 513.732.7173 or 513.732-STOP

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