FOCUS - 9/11 In Cincinnati - Are We Any Safer Ten Years Later?

In spring of 2011, Osama bin Laden, one of the masterminds behind the September 11 attacks, was killed by US forces in Abbottabad, Pakistan. Fueled by his death, increased threats of retribution against America and its allies have surfaced from the new leadership of al-Qaeda.


In a recent video, al-Qaeda’s new leader, Ayman al-Zawahiri said, “America today is staggering. Hunt her down wherever you may encounter her.” Concerns about whether sleeper terrorist cells and “Lone Wolves” living within our borders are planning another series of attacks have many Americans worried about their family’s safety. 


On this episode of Focus, Kathy Lehr talks with two experts about what credible threats exist and what federal, state and local governments and their respective emergency management agencies are doing to keep Americans safe, both domestically and abroad.  


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