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Music, dance, theatre, galleries, museums, art centers, festivals, and other artistic expressions and venues can create a vibrant community both socially and economically.

Building on eight decades of experience in the arts community, ArtsWave (formerly known as The Cincinnati Fine Arts Fund) continues to support and collaborate with the anchor arts organizations that play a critical role in the region. However now, they have begun expanding their scope to also support the smaller and more regional arts organizations.

Believing that it is just as important to have people participate in the arts as it is to fund the arts, ArtsWave works to ensure more people across the region can re-experience the organizations that they are already familiar with, as well as, try new art forms they may not be familiar with.

On this episode of Focus, Kathy Lehr talks with Mary McCullough-Hudson and Trey Devey about their recent name and branding change, as well as, how the organizational expansion will include smaller, more regional arts organizations and how that will affect our arts community as a whole.

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