FOCUS - Grow Food, Grow Hope Program

In 2008 when air freight carrier DHL decided to close its doors in Wilmington, Ohio, thousands of people lost their jobs, throwing the local economy into turmoil. Families were naturally worried about how they were going to be able to keep food on their dinner tables.

Responding to their community’s needs, Wilmington College created the ''Grow Food, Grow Hope Community Garden.''

This forty-plot vegetable and herb garden is maintained by low-to-moderate income families – free of charge to the participants. Best of all, they are allowed to keep the vegetables that they have learned how to grow.

Beyond the Grow Food, Grow Hope Community Garden, Wilmington College has also set aside farmland to grow vegetables that are later donated to local food pantries and other agencies that are servicing those families who are having a difficult time making ends meet.

Kathy Lehr learns how Wilmington’s community leaders and the faculty and staff of Wilmington College have responded to this economic crisis and how their “Grow Food, Grow Hope” program has made a positive impact on their neighbors’ lives.

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