FOCUS - Identifying Elder Abuse

On this episode of FOCUS, we explore the different types of elder abuse - physical, emotional, mental, sexual, neglect, abandonment, and financial – and what services are available locally to help these senior citizens in need. We also discuss the growing trend of family members and caregivers who are stealing medications from these elders for their own use or profit.


During the program, Kathy Lehr talks with Cindy Fischer who supervises care managers who often face situations of elder abuse and other family difficulties. In addition, she describes some of the signs that you should be aware of when your loved ones are being victimized.


Gail Davis introduces us to The Shalom Center for Elder Abuse Prevention at Cedar Village Retirement Community in Mason, Ohio. This center provides seniors in need with a safe haven for up to 90 to120 days. During their stay, they not only receive all the health care and services that they require, they will also have access to any necessary counseling and legal services before they are discharged to a new home that is free of abuse. 


Finally, Laurie Petrie talks about some of the frauds and scams (financial exploitation) that target the elderly.


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Council on Aging of Southwestern Ohio:




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Shalom Center for Elder Abuse Prevention at Cedar Village:






Phone: 888-295-7453



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