FOCUS - Surviving Cancer -The Journey

When a cancer diagnosis sends a patient spiraling, where can they turn to for help?


“During a person’s journey with cancer, the patient must face fears of death, surgeries, chemotherapy, radiation, treatment, pain, all the side effects and the basic changes to lifestyle. Moreover, the patient has to deal with family issues, relationships, work issues and insurance paperwork. They must also become his/her best advocate, knowledgeable about the disease, treatments and medications, and often adapt to a new existence.


Many cancer patients are blessed with caring loved ones who are there for them, but many patients need to talk with someone separate from the family. An unbiased, yet caring, ear who will allow the patient to say everything they are feeling, even those things the patient could or would never say to the family,” describes Kevin Reynolds (Cincinnati Public Radio’s Community Relations Manager) about his own cancer journey.


Counselors, like our guest Judy McAuliffe from Cancer Family Care, help patients cope with the life changes that result from a cancer diagnosis. We will learn from her what it takes for a person to survive cancer and what services are available locally to help the patient.


During this discussion, Dr. Karyn Dyehouse will talk about the importance of early diagnosis and why men need to see their doctors. She will also discuss the Doctor-Patient relationship during a diagnosis and treatment period and why it is important for the patient to trust their doctor while the doctor must be caring and forthcoming in order to create a symbiotic healing team.


In addition, we will hear Christine Driscoll’s personal story about her journey with cancer and how she was able to receive the care that she needed.


One such person who has turned his journey with cancer into a documentary is John Kaplan. Mr. Kaplan is a Pulitzer Prize winning photojournalist who was diagnosed with Non-Hodgkin's Lymphoma and decided to record his journey in photos and videos. He has made a film, "Not As I Pictured," that will air on CET on Sunday, November 27 at 11:00 PM.


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