Hahn Site Field School

Bob Geinheimer, George Rieveschl Curator of Archaeology at Cincinnati Museum Center, gives us an overview of the Archaeology Field School that takes place at the Hahn Site each year. The Hahn Site is a Late Prehistoric village site located near Cincinnati, Ohio. Preliminary excavations by Peabody Museum at Harvard in 1886 uncovered an array of prehistoric items including flint, stone, bone, ceramic, and shell artifacts. While little was learned of village layout, subsequent surface collections in the 20th century indicate that Hahn is a circular to oval village with a central plaza. CMC's dig has exposed a portion of a wall trench house dating to the Middle Fort Ancient period (ca. A.D. 1300-1500) and two corners of the wall trench structure. Field school participants learned about the prehistory of southwest Ohio, the development of sedentary agricultural villages, and the importance of the Hahn Site in our understanding of local Fort Ancient-age societies.

7 minutes
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Hahn Site, Geier Center