Lori Shutter, MD

Barbara Kellar talks with Lori Shutter, MD, Associate Professor of Neurosurgery at the University of Cincinnati and Director of Neurocritical Care at the UC Neuroscience Institute at University Hospital, about an important new clinical trial that will help determine whether administering the hormone progesterone to patients within hours of a moderate to severe traumatic brain injury can reduce brain damage and swelling and improve mental and physical outcomes.

The national trial, called ProTECT, is important because there is no effective medical treatment for traumatic brain injury, the leading cause of death and disability among people aged 1 to 44.

UC is required to inform the public about the trial because people who are enrolled will be unconscious and unable to give their consent.

For more information about the trial, please visit their website at: http://healthnews.uc.edu/news/?/9745/

19 minutes
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