Voices of Giving: Jack and Peggy Bunker

Jack and Peggy Bunker have made an extraordinary commitment of time and talent to advance the mission of CISE (Catholic Inner-City Schools Education Fund) over the past 14 years. Jack has been an invaluable member of the CISE Advisory Board and Executive Committee. He currently serves as Chair of the Planning Committee and as a member of the CISE Foundation's Planned Giving Committee.

Peggy, a retired teacher, has volunteered with the Reading Tutor Program at Corryville Catholic School to help students improve their reading and writing abilities.
When the CISE Foundation established the Cardinal Bernadin Legacy Society in 2009, Jack and Peggy were among its first charter members.

''Year after year we've seen what these schools have done to enrich the lives of inner-city kids. Not only do they provide a first-class education, they have inspired graduates to understand just how far they are capable of going in attaining even higher goals in their education and in their lives. CISE schools work…. And, we wish to see them continue working for generations to come.''

Through their planned gift of life insurance, Jack and Peggy Bunker will continue to help change the lives of disadvantaged children in the years to come. CISE is forever grateful to them for providing a legacy to the children of our community that will be one of faith, hope and love.

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