Voices of Giving: Kinnaird and Kathleen McQuade

Kinny and Kathi McQuade chose to make their planned gift to Bayley Place because Kathi's mother, Virginia Gordon Friendship, was a Bayley Place resident - graced with excellent care and compassion until her death. This experience was so positive that Kinny joined the Board of Directors in 2004, and Kathi continues to share her talents with Bayley Place as well. The McQuades generously support BP through annual contributions and special events.  However, they feel a planned gift is a crucial way to ensure its success and permanence in the community.  ''We truly believe BP offers an unparalleled and unique attention to the quality of care. We know how wisely they steward their resources and how deeply they value and respect all who live and work there.'' The McQuade bequest gift will allow BP to become a stronger organization and inspire others - so that future generations of older adults will benefit from the extraordinary care and compassion provided by this outstanding organization.

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