Voices of Giving: Timothy E. Johnson, Ph.D.

No doubt many of the charities represented this evening have benefitted from charitable gifts facilitated by the portfolio managers of Johnson Investment Counsel and their generous clients.

It is our pleasure tonight to honor their entire firm, represented by founder Dr. Timothy Johnson, for their leadership and for the philanthropic spirit that is such a part of Johnson's corporate culture.

Timothy Johnson founded his wealth management firm in 1965. In 2001, the company became employee-owned and is now the largest independent, employee-owned wealth management firm in Ohio, managing over $6 billion in 45 states.

One hundred percent of Johnson Investment Counsel's 24 portfolio managers have recommended charitable instruments to their clients, when appropriate. This clearly reflects a company-wide orientation to and knowledge of charitable gifting, in general, and planned giving, in specific.

In 2004, The Johnson Charitable Gift Fund was created. This is a public charity which enables Johnson clients to create and manage endowments and donor-advised funds. From 2007 to date, over
$22 million have been given to charity from this entity alone.

Over a quarter of a billion dollars are held in 365 charitable trusts, endowments, foundations and other charitable accounts that have been directed to charity by Johnson Investment Counsel's clients.

And, the firm gives of its own funds as well. In 2010 alone, 90 charitable donations were made totaling $212,000.

It is an honor to recognize Timothy Johnson and all the professionals of Johnson Investment Counsel for their commitment to philanthropy, for having done so much to promote charitable giving and planned giving, for having done so much to impact lives across our community in such a decisive manner.

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