World War II veteran Roy Aka

Born in the United States, Roy Aka was living in Hawaii when the Japanese bombed Pearl Harbor during WWII. As a Japanese American, Mr. Aka was considered an "enemy alien" by the U.S. government directly after the attack even though he had been a citizen since birth. He volunteered for the 442nd Combat Regiment, but was recruited for a secret intelligence mission in the Pacific where he translated captured documents, and interrogated Japanese POWs and hospitalized soldiers. Because of the importance and secrecy of his mission, he was not recognized for work in the Military Intelligence Service until 1997 when he was awarded a bronze star.

>Click here to download and read an article written by Mr. Aka on Military Intelligence Service Language School for "The Grains of Rice," a publication for the Cincinnati Chapter Japanese American Citizens League. Mr. Aka was awarded the Bronze Star Medal by the U.S. Army; >Click here to download and read an article about it.

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