The Art Show

The Art Show

Saturdays @ 6pm on CET

Sundays @ 8pm on CET Arts

SHOWCASE with Barbara Kellar

SHOWCASE with Barbara Kellar

The weekly arts and cultural series, produced by CET, with host Barbara Kellar

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The Baking Journal
Warm up with this delicious Cinnamon Star Bread recipe! Join Stephanie and learn how to make it.
Oscar Winner: 20 Days in Mariupol
20 Days in Mariupol, the documentary produced by FRONTLINE and the Associated Press, won the Oscar® for Best Documentary Feature Film. Stream the film now.
Move to Include
Check out our list of Developmental Disabilities Awareness Month programming on our blog.
Corporate Sponsorship
Corporations, small businesses, and nonprofit organizations can make a difference by sponsoring programs broadcast on CET.


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