5 Easy Ways to Begin Journaling

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Journaling can be both an enjoyable activity and a therapeutic one! According to Psychology Today, studies have shown that journaling can reduce your stress, improve your immune system and can even improve your memory!  

Not sure where to start when it comes to journaling? Here are five ways to start…

5 Types of Journaling: 

  1. Reflective

What is it? Reflective journaling deals with reflecting on your life experiences and simply writing out your feelings and inner thoughts about them. This is what most people think of when they first think of journaling. 

How do I start? Start by writing about your day and then, as you are recalling the events of what happened in your day, think about how that made you feel and jot them down! 

  1. Observational

What is it? Observational journaling is when you write about your surroundings and focus on the present. For example, if you are sitting outside you can take a pen and paper out and just simply write what you see, smell or even taste! 

How do I start? Think of the five senses: sight, smell, hearing, taste and touch. Then write down what you are sensing in the moment about these five senses in a journal. This can be as descriptive – or as simple – as you’d like. 

  1. Gratitude 

What is it? A gratitude journal is one where you write down the things you are thankful for every day no matter how small those things may be. 

How do I start? Start by writing down three things you are thankful for every day and, if you want to add to it, you can also add three good things that happened to you every day. 

  1. Spiritual

What is it? A spiritual journal is one where you write down either things you want to pray for or just keep in your thoughts! You do not have to be of any religious affiliation to participate in this type of journaling! 

How do I start? You can start by writing down things throughout the day that inspire you, speak to you or have some type of impact on you. If you pray, you can write down things you wish to pray for and, if you don’t, you can just write down things you wish for or are hoping to come true

  1. Burn

What is it? A burn journal is one where you write down the negative feelings weighing you down like anger or regret as well as feelings you need to let out. The burn journal’s intent is to be an emotional release that helps you let out your negativity. It’s other purpose is, after you write an entry, you throw away or “burn” (following fire safety suggestions) the entry you just created so it removes it from your thoughts. 

How do I start? Start by writing out what is weighing on you whether it is sad thoughts, angry thoughts, regretful thoughts, or just something that upset you and roll with it. Don’t filter yourself when writing just let it pour out onto the pages and then after you are done destroy it.