A Look Back at The Art Show

A Look Back at The Art Show

With Season 13 of The Art Show well underway, we thought it would be a great time to looking at some of our favorite episodes from the last five seasons! Take a trip down memory lane with us and let us know about your favorite episodes over on our social channels:

Season 12, Episode 6
Aired 05/14/2022

Meet the high-energy, special needs dancers of Quest Special Forces All-Star Dance Team in Beavercreek. Columbus artist DonCee Coulter crafts textured artworks using rugged textiles. The “Scarce” series by Ali Armstrong draws attention to endangered wildlife. The Art1 computer program at the University of New Mexico gave abstract painter Frederick Hammersley a new way to make art in the 1960s.


Season 11, Episode 9
Aired 01/31/2021

Rookwood Pottery’s 140th anniversary brings the company full circle, with an eye on the future and a focus on its roots. Learn how the Classical Tahoe Chamber Music series pivoted during the pandemic to provide classical music to audiences. Detroit woodturner Steve Kolpacke creates sculptures out of fallen trees. Astrophotographers gather for the annual Winter Star Party in the Florida Keys.


Season 10, Episode 15
Aired 07/22/2019

Visit the PNC Arts Annex in downtown Dayton and meet Landon Crowell, the artist responsible for the mind-bending aerial sculpture in its lobby. Students at Riley School of Irish Music in Cincinnati are dedicated to the pursuit of Irish traditional music. Self-taught artist John Cross whittles Americana in wood.


Season 9, Episode 2
Aired 07/01/2018

The Funk Music Hall of Fame and Exhibition Center opens its doors in downtown Dayton. Travel to Philadelphia and step back in time with a visit to the Museum of the American Revolution. Get a sneak peek of “Human Flow” from filmmaker Ai Weiwei, which illustrates the staggering scale and impact of the refugee crisis.


Season 8, Episode 7
Aired 04/16/2018

James Beard-nominated chef Jose Salazar showcases his Colombian heritage at Mita’s in Cincinnati. Students from the Ohio State University mark the entry of the U.S. into World War I a century ago with a powerful memorial. Detroit Tap Repertory shares their passion for tap dancing. San Antonio Sound Garden provides a collaborative performance space for musicians, producers, and entrepreneurs.


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