From Our President & CEO

Kitty LensmanJanuary 2022

In a year of ongoing challenges, CET and ThinkTV continued our commitment to our Strategic Plan and further aligned our strengths to better serve the region on air, online and in the community. We are pleased to have this opportunity to highlight the work we did in 2021 and showcase the impact of our organization. We hope it provides insight into the important role that public television plays in the life of our communities.

As the COVID-19 pandemic continued to impact lives around the globe, CET and ThinkTV produced and delivered local programs, digital-first content and community engagement initiatives that offered diverse perspectives and highlighted the creativity that lives in our communities. Across our broadcast and digital channels, CET and ThinkTV created content to support our local arts, celebrate diverse voices, inspire lifelong learners and reflect on the issues of today. Our work with educational content was particularly impactful and provided resources to assist children, families and educators adapting to at-home and hybrid learning.

Engagement was both a challenge and an opportunity at a time when families and staff were socially distanced, so we embarked on a journey to find new ways to engage our communities. We offered virtual and in-person summer camps for our students. We held virtual screenings for our viewers to share our local productions. We continued our auction with COVID restrictions in mind. We hosted our CET is ME celebration outdoors. We continued our workshops for early childhood care providers. We increased our efforts to help local teachers navigate technology in the classroom. We even launched our first podcast, which focuses on educational technology.

CET and ThinkTV also premiered a new series of diversity, equity and inclusion initiatives as our nation continued to struggle with legacies of injustice and inequity. We worked with Black community leaders in both Cincinnati and Dayton to focus on current issues as well as the historic roots of those issues. We produced three episodes of Urban Consulate Presents in 2021, with additional episodes planned for 2022, and are producing Redlining: Mapping Inequality in Dayton & Springfield, a new documentary about redlining set to premiere in February of 2022.

Most importantly, we remained dedicated to you and your families. Thanks to your generous support, your local public television stations were able to continue their good work and continue to be the most widely-used non-profit in the region.

We thank you.

Kitty Lensman

Kitty Lensman

President & CEO
CET and ThinkTV