Around the World in 80 Days


David Tennant (Doctor Who) stars as the Englishman Phileas Fogg who bets a fortune that he can circumnavigate the planet in a mere eighty days — quite a feat, considering that it’s 1872. Ibrahim Koma (As Far as I Can Walk) and Leonie Benesch (Babylon Berlin) costar as his intrepid traveling companions on an expedition that packs far more adventure than the trio bargained for…

Updating Verne’s enduringly popular tale, MASTERPIECE introduces new themes, characters and stories, drawing in part on the author’s own personal history of disappointment in love, and echoing the record-breaking around-the-world trip in 1890 by journalist Nellie Bly in emulation of Verne’s plot.

Shot on location on two continents, the miniseries follows our heroes as they head east from London on October 5, 1872, intending to make it back to the reading room of the city’s snobbish Reform Club no later than one o’clock on Christmas Eve. En route, they take ships, trains, balloons, camels, stagecoaches and other conveyances, while meeting increasingly dangerous obstacles. At stake is a wager of 20,000 British pounds, equal to over $3 million in today’s U.S. currency.


Sundays, January 2 through February 20, at 8pm on CET

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